Tired of wearing eyeglasses all the time? Want to try Contact Lenses? Then book a Contact Lens exam with your Optometrist.


A contact lens exam is different from your eyeglass prescription and centres around fitting you in a contact lens that is optimal for your vision and most comfortable for your eyes. We have a number of people coming into our store with an eyeglass prescription asking to buy contact lenses, but the key information needed with regard to a contact lens purchase are the contact lens prescription, type of contact lens prescribed along with the base curve. This information is not provided as part of a regular eye exam.


 There are many brands of contact lens available on the market. What is optimal for you is based on your prescription, the curve of your eye and usage requirements. Are you prone to dry eyes? If this is the case, you may need a lens which provides more moisture. As all these elements can change with time they will be readdressed if you are a repeat contact lens wearer. If you are new to the process, the doctor will teach you about proper hygiene procedures as well as inserting and removing contact lenses. In all cases, you will be given a pair of trial lenses to try out for a week after which time you will return for a follow up exam. Once your Contact lens prescription is finalized you are ready to order your lenses!


Contact lenses can provide a useful alternative to eyeglasses...for a special occasion or during sports activities. Some people opt to wear contact lenses on a daily basis. Whatever your needs, talk to your Eyecare provider and book an appointment with your Optometrist today.