When shopping for sunglasses your first thoughts are on the frame. What do you like?  Metal… plastic… wrap-around…aviator. The frame styles are endless but you also want to choose a frame that is larger to provide maximum coverage of the eyes.

Once you have found the perfect frame, the next decision lies in the type of sunglass lens you choose. Your selection will depend largely on your lifestyle needs.

A tinted lens will reduce transmission of light into the eye and an additional UV filter will protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. The amount of transmission of light through the lens depends on the tint. The darker the tint, the less light can pass through the lens. For example, a darker tint may provide a good solution for skiers who are in very bright conditions. These characteristics of tint and UV filter are essential for a sunglass lens.

Anti-reflective coating is also a good option to consider because it eliminates glare from sunlight that reflects into the eye from the back surface of the lens when the sun is behind you.

Polarized sunglass lenses are an ideal solution for people who spend a lot of time outdoors. Boaters, golfers, skiers and joggers can all benefit from the glare reducing effects of polarized lenses. They are also a good option for driving as they reduce glare from the hood of the car and surface of the road.

When light is reflected from surfaces such as the road or water, the light is generally reflected in a horizontal direction. This light can be very intense and is what the eye experiences as glare. Polarized lenses contain a special filter that is able to block these very intense reflected rays so reducing glare. They provide better comfort for the eyes and enable you to see better in such conditions.


All of the options mentioned can be applied to single vision, bifocal or progressive lenses. Distance sunglass lenses are great for correcting your distance vision and sunglasses with a reading prescription will allow you to enjoy your book outdoors with comfort and protection from the sun. Progressive sunglasses are an all round solution that will allow you to hit your golf ball and then read the menu as you sit down to enjoy your lunch afterwards!


Talk to your Eye Care Professional for the lens option that best suits your needs and enjoy the sun with the comfort and protection your eyes need.