Anti-Reflective coatings- Do I really need these coatings? Are they worth the money? 

When you buy lenses you will often be presented with the option to add coatings, specifically anti-reflective or no-glare lenses. With the additional cost you may decide to skimp out but here are some reasons why these coatings make all the difference to your overall visual experience.

Your lens is a highly reflective surface and acts like a mirror reflecting light away from the lens. Therefore instead of receiving 100% of the light rays through the lens, you receive much less resulting in less than crisp vision. The reflection of light rays off the surface of the lens results in glare which is uncomfortable for the eye.

At night especially, in the absence of AR coating reflections travelling backwards can cause the appearance of “ghost images” which can be hazardous by causing a distraction. Anti Reflective coatings also provide greater comfort and reduce eyestrain when driving at night and also during prolonged computer use.

From an aesthetic standpoint, AR coatings make your eyeglass lens look nearly invisible. Therefore your eyeglasses look more attractive and your appearance is enhanced by allowing your eyes to be seen without the distraction of reflection.

Anti-reflective coatings can be applied to all lens types from single vision to bifocal to progressive lenses. It is also a good idea for sunglasses (the back surface of the lens) as it eliminates glare resulting from sunlight reflecting from the back surface of the tinted lens when the sun is behind you.

The benefits of anti-reflective coatings are a huge factor in ensuring you receive optimal performance from your lenses. From regular AR to premium coatings, ask your eye care professional for your options when making your next eyewear purchase.