Suffer from any of these symptoms? Itchy eyes - Burning Sensation - Fatigued eyes - Sore eyes - Dryness sensation - Red Eyes - Light Sensitivity - Blurred Vision

 These are common symptoms of dry eye and dry eye syndrome. Simply put, dry eye is the result of not being able to produce enough tears to keep the eye comfortable. Without a film of tears spread over the eye, good vision is not possible. Tear production normally decreases as we age and although it occurs in both men and women, it is more common in women, especially after menopause. Dry eye can also be associated with arthritis as well as a variety of over the counter prescription medications so it is important that you tell your doctor the names of all the medications you are taking. Dry Eye can be detected during a routine eye examination and in most cases, artificial eye drops will help combat the situation. Talk to your Optometrist for more information.