As we age, our eyes are more susceptible to change and it is important to stay on top of those changes. Using lenses with an updated prescription will allow for optimal performance and best possible vision. Your Optometrist will also be able to check for any eye health problems. Early detection is key. There are a number of conditions that your Optometrist may detect. They include




-Macular Degeneration

Medical Services Plan will cover a portion of the cost of your eye exam once a year, with a valid BC Care Card for Seniors 65 years and over.


Eye Exam Tips

Your eye exam with our Optometrist may take up to 40 minutes. The Doctor may dilate your pupils so your eyes may be sensitive for a period of time after the exam. Bring sunglasses with you to help with the light sensitivity. If you are driving, you may need to wait for a short period so keep this in mind or bring a driver.

Our office works with a large a number of Senior patients. If you have any questions about the eye exam, please feel free to call us.